"Tasters" Magical Mabel Amazing Adventure At The Tower Of London

Afternoon, Mabel here!!

I'm so excited my fabulous illustrator has sent  Mummy & myself some "tasters" of the illustrations for my next amazing adventure at The Tower Of London.  You can check them out on my Mummy's website www.wendyclarkbooks.com  or have a look further down on my first every blog post .








Can you guess where this famous landmark is?? 




Thats right ...its Tower Bridge in London.




Here I am with my best friend Alfie on our old green motor cycle taking a ride over Tower Bridge to the exciting & scary Tower Of London.

Emma Jo has captured so much detail & my "good side" in the illustrations






What adventures do you think I get up to in The Tower Of London & who do  I meet? I must confess my Mummy has done me proud. It really is a good adventure & hopefully I will one day walk through those big gates in The Tower. If I get an invite that is??


There is also going to be an extra special competition in relation to the launch of the new book "Magical Mabel & Her Amazing Adventure in the Tower of London."

Watch this space for more news!! Or you can follow my Mummy on her F/B page Wendy Clark Books, or her twitter page WendyClarkbooks @wendyclarkbooks.


Speak soon

Love & Kisses

Mabel & Alfie xxxx









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