Magical Mabel's Adventure in the Tower of London Review

Wendy Clark

Take an Adventure with Magical Mabel Through The Tower of London

magical mabel

Who would have thought that two dogs could have so much fun? In author Wendy Clark’s new book, Magical Mabel’s Adventure in The Tower of London, two mischievous Dachshunds force their way into the the London landmark and cause an uproar.


How is this madness even possible? Mabel, the fun and adventurous dog, receives a gift from an angel one night. The gift was an invisibility collar. After being warned to use the collar with care, Mabel decides to wear it on her trip to London with her owner Ron and dog pal Alfie. Using the invisibility collar, the two of them manage to make their way past the guard and gain entry into the White Tower. Taking full advantage of being invisible, Alfie and Mabel get a little crazy and stir up some trouble at the Tower of London.  


Certainly, author Wendy Clark had more in mind than simply telling an exciting story when writing this book. There are several facts throughout the story that teaches a few things about The Tower of London that some kids might not have known. Not being from the UK, there were things that even I actually learned from the story. Who knew that the guards were called Beefeaters? I sure didn’t, but I do now thanks to Mabel’s adventure. The book also teaches important life lessons like asking before you borrow something and always staying close to a grown up when in busy places.  


Mabel’s experiences go beyond the Tower of London. To find out what else the feisty dachshund has been up to, read Clark’s first installment of the series called The Adventures of Magical Mabel. I’m sure that the first book is just as quirky and entertaining as the second. To keep up with Mabel and purchase a copy of this amazing story for your little one, visit Amazon or wendyclarkbooks.com.


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