Adventure in Anglesey

Wendy Clark

Hi Everyone,

Mabel here.

Had the most amazing holiday with Alfie, Mel & Mummy, went to visit the beautiful Isle of Anglesey. We stayed in a 5* cottage with views of the sea.  We all needed a break,as we have been working really hard marketing my new book, "Magical Mabel's Adventure at the Tower of London,"  and replying to all the nice people after the press release in July.  Secretly we have been planning our next adventure (which Mummy has already written & Emma Jo has illustrated), just working out the layout & which publisher to use.


   As you can see we had a wonderful time. Here are some great photos of me, & of course Alfie.  The cottage we stayed in was luxurious, it had everything that we could possibly need for my Mummy & Mel ( peace & relaxation, this is what she needs to be able to write & I was on hand to help her with ideas for my many adventures).  We visited lots of awesome places & met many sausage dogs & their owners.  Llandudno Pier was so busy.  Alfie loved Lliwgly beach he was jumping all around on the sand, he looked a bit like Tigger. 



We also visited South Stack Lighthouse, that day was very windy. Mel & Alfie went for a walk to take some photos of the lighthouse & the sea crashing against the cliffs.  Alfie was really on a secret mission  to find puffins which live on the cliff side, but unfortunately he didn't see any, which was a shame as I would have loved to have my photo with one. We also visited Llanberis which is a small village at the bottom of Snowdon, that was a very large mountain which my little legs wouldn't have been able to climb!!! We did visit the mountain railway but they don't allow dogs on. We had a lovely rest here, Mummy & Mel had their coffee break & we had some cool water to drink.   One day we visited Beaumaris where Mummy bought some yummy bara brith from a small bakery. We also visited the village with the longest welsh name, although I was born in Wales I have been having trouble pronouncing this very long word.  Maybe you could try?


Hope you have enjoyed our little catch up, by the way Mummy has a sale on her website at the moment on all products with 20% off you just need to add SALE at the checkout page when it prompts you.  There are still a few 1ST EDITION books left of "MAGICAL MABEL'S ADVENTURE AT THE TOWER OF LONDON' left. So go on buy them now before they all magically disappear.  By the way it is only 16 WEEKS until CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  My favourite time of the year



See you all soon

Love & Licks

Mabel & Alfie        xxxx





















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