Welcome to the world of Magical Mabel & Friends.  

These are the stories of a miniature sausage dog named Mabel who enters the world totally unaware of her magical powers. Her encounters with Alfie who becomes her best friend leads her into many exciting adventures. 

Inspirational and exciting, these individual stories prepare children for some of life's lessons which will help them cope with their futures. These two lovable rogues are based on the author's real life dachshunds

Also check out the adventures of Clarence the quirky and coolest angel on the block. Every book has a moral woven into the theme which will help children appreciate their actions and the effects that they have upon other people, but at the same time they are really entertaining.

There is a book for everyone here, why not treat yourself to  "The Moulding of a life" this is a fascinating book. Wendy a Spiritualist medium and healer of twenty years talks of her journey through life.