The Moulding Of A Life - Book


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The Moulding Of A Life - Book
Fanny & Peter Proctor my grandparents on their WD 1915
The Moulding Of A Life - Book
The Moulding Of A Life - Book
The Moulding Of A Life - Book

In this fascinating book, Wendy Clark a Spiritualist medium and healer of twenty years talks of her journey through life.

Moulded by her experiences as a nurse she shares the inconsolable loss of her small daughter and her battle through grief, to emerge a more compassionate person with a deeper understanding of the bereaved.

Her shocking details of psychic confrontation with a poltergeist encouraged her interest in the supernatural. As her spirituality developed she became clairvoyant, working as a trance medium.

In this compelling work Wendy shares her own life story along with words given from Spirit Guides providing an insight into the world of life after death.


"It seems like only yesterday that I became aware of the World of Spirit. In fact it was about forty years ago when my life had hit the depths of despair. My two year old little girl had passed away suddenly leaving a huge gap in my life. Through the blackness, feelings of pain surfaced suddenly throwing me back into the void which now had become my everyday world." 

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