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Elephant Parade


We have  found a range of products from one of our suppliers, Ulster Weavers who have produced some elephant inspired gifts to help, Elephant Parade® which is a social enterprise and runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Created by artists and celebrities, each Elephant Parade statue is a unique art piece. The life-size, baby elephant statues are exhibited in international cities and raise awareness for the need of elephant conservation.

Limited edition, handcrafted replicas and a select range of products are created from the exhibition elephants. 20% of Elephant Parade net profits are donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects.


 Elephant Parade was founded by father and son Marc and Mike      Spits in 2006.
 Whilst on holiday In Thailand, Marc met a baby elephant named  Mosha, who had lost her leg after stepping on a landmine. Mosha inspired Marc and Mike to create Elephant Parade.

“We wanted to help Mosha and create something structural that would be profitable in the long run. This is the only way in which we can provide the elephant a sustainable future”.

The first Elephant Parade exhibition was held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2007. Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital, Mosha’s home base in Lampang Thailand, was the first organization to receive contributions generated by Elephant Parade and structurally continues to receive funds for taking care of Mosha.


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