Find Children’s Bereavement Books

Bereavement is a tricky topic to tackle in literature. It is often aimed at adults and written by adults who are perhaps familiar with the sometimes isolating-feeling of loss and bereavement, but what about children’s bereavement books?

Grieving children need books in which they can find comfort or answers to some of the challenging questions they may be asking of life. Children’s bereavement books are very important as they can help a child to understand that life continues after the death of someone close to them and after the period of bereavement. Such a book may prove a good starting point to talking to a child about how to deal with feelings of loss, anger and isolation. Grief can sometimes give way to happy memories about a book that’s been read by a child who is going through the bereavement process. For a child who may be feeling insecure, confused or anxious, children’s bereavement books can provide the reassurance they need.

You can find children’s bereavement books in Wendy Clark’s Gary’s Guardian Angel series. These stories are filled with a sense of adventure and hope, and are written to suit children from age four to ten years. If a child is in need of comfort and reassurance, these books are ideal.