Are you looking for a professional bereavement counsellor?

When you experience the death of someone close to you it’s often difficult to adjust to the changes in your life, to live with that feeling of despair and loss. Grief can have a big impact on your belief structures, the way in which you view the world and your life, and your own personality.

Bereavement is the period in time where we adjust to the loss of someone close to us, and every human being will go through it in a different way, finding their own way of coping. Some people withdraw into themselves, some get angry and frustrated, some become almost numb with grief, while others may suffer from depression. Many will look to family and friends for support, and it’s important to have that primary support network, but it may also help to seek out the support and guidance of a professional bereavement counsellor. A professional bereavement counsellor will help you find a way to acknowledge the loss in order to be able to carry on with your life.

Wendy Clark is a children’s author but also works as a spiritual medium and healer, with an understanding of the bereaved. Wendy has also written a series of books, Gary’s Guardian Angel, to help bring comfort and entertainment to children. These books are suitable for any child who may be suffering from bereavement, as they entertain, amuse, and bring comfort and inspiration to the young reader.