Buy Doxie Gifts Online

Your house is your prized possession and therefore adding your own touches and passions to it can make it feel more like a home. At Dedicated 2 Dachshunds, you can buy doxie gifts online for your home, kitchen, bathroom and more.

Doxie is a derived term for dachshunds that competes with daxie and sausage dog for the most popular term for the small and much-adored pet. So much is our love for dachshunds, that we set up a website that sources the best and latest products relating to them.

We’ve plucked out three of our favourite doxie home accessories for you to buy on their own or as a set:

  1. Chocolate dachshund wall clock: Give your home a statement clock like this one. The cute background of a dachshund enjoying itself on a typically English beach will look great in any living room.
  2. Dachshund "RALF" Sign: This sweet, stylish wall art sign can be hung all over the home. The tagline, “I’d rather be walking my dachshund”, is apt for all dachshund owners and lovers.
  3. Vintage Dachshunds This Way! Wooden Wall Sign: Direct guests to your home with this vintage wooden sign for indoors or outdoors.

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