Dachshund Gifts For You

Magical Mabel is the sausage dog that doesn’t know she has magical powers. Unaware of what she can do, the stories include adventures to The Tower of London, Hampton Court and more. Along with dachshund gifts for you and your children, our dogs Mabel and Alfie have adopted their own elephant to help WWF. On top of this, at Dedicated 2 Dachshunds, Magical Mabel will soon be returning.

Elephant Parade is a website set-up to promote the conservation of elephants and to help endangered Asian and African elephants across the two continents. Our team at Dedicated 2 Dachshunds want to aid them in any way we can. Our dedication spreads to all animals, not just our own sausage dogs.

We have recently added some products from Ulster Weaver, which are part of our scheme for Mabel and Alfie to help save the elephants. Cotton tea towels, aprons and more make up the collection. Each item sold for Elephant Parade has a hologram on it to prove its authenticity. There is also info about the charity to ensure you that 20% of Elephant Parade’s net profits are donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects.

Coming soon is Magical Mabel’s Mission, which will be available on the website. If you’re looking for any gifts for the dachshund lover in your family, our website is crammed full of updated products to choose from.

To find out more about our range, get in touch with us by emailing sales@wendyclarkbooks.com.

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