Dachshund Goodies

Hi, Wendy here!

I would just love to thank you for checking out our great new stock of dachshund goodies. When I was younger my first dog was full of character, little stubborn, you could say just like a dachshund.


Jock & I


His name was Jock and he was a Scottie dog. We went everywhere together, we were inseparable.  My love of dogs grew as I got older.  When I started my own family, our four legged faithful friend was never far away.  I did own another Scottie dog called Marmite, who again proved to be stubborn. 




Wendy & Mabel My daughter, (Mel) and I then fell in love with, you guess it! The dachshund, that long sausage dog, that you fall over because they always get under your feet, never far away from your side, & if they are not you are always wondering why!

Lucy, Ruby, Polly & Alfie ( one was never enough!)  This cute, adorable dachshund Mabel came into our lives. Inseparable companions Alfie & Mabel, (who you can read all about in their three children's books, which are available at Mabel's bookstore).  I have received unconditional love and friendship from these ever faithful breed of dogs.

As dachshunds are so wonderful, we have decided (with the help from Mabel & Alfie ,of course are own dachshunds) to branch out and source the most gorgeous, cute and exciting dachshund goodies alongside our books.

From home decor with our beautiful cushion covers to wall stickers of our favourite breed to fun walking dachshund balloons, keyring's, brooch's, plaque's, we have something for everyone.  We have also included some Scottie dog goodies which we hope you find irresistible.

We hope you find that extra special gift for someone special or if your like us, you have to have it too!!