Find a Professional Bereavement Counsellor

Someone left bereaved by the death of someone close to them may feel many emotions, including shock, anger, loneliness, depression and a sense of isolation. Bereavement counselling is a form of psychotherapy that aims to help those who are suffering to learn to cope with their feelings and continue to live their life. Those who have lost a love one often need help and support, and although you need your friends and family with you at this time it is still useful to find a professional bereavement counsellor who can offer support and help from an objective perspective.

A professional bereavement counsellor will help you acknowledge the death and face up to it, allowing you to understand how best to continue with your life despite your grief. Everyone experiences grief in different ways, but if it gets to the stage when your employment, education, or personal relationships are affected then it may be time to find a professional bereavement counsellor.

Wendy Clark works as a spiritual medium and healer, with experience in being able to listen and support those who are suffering from bereavement. Wendy has also written children’s books, and has authored the Gary’s Guardian Angel series. This series of stories is suitable fodder for children who may be suffering from bereavement.