Find Doxie Gifts Online

Magical Mabel is on a mission to help save endangered elephants in faraway lands across the world. At Dedicated 2 Dachshunds, you will find doxie gifts online as well as new additions to our line for Elephant Parade.

The charity was set-up in 2006 by a father and son who came across an elephant in Thailand whose leg was blown off by a mine. We now house a range of Elephant Parade gifts for you to buy which were made by our suppliers, Ulster Weaver.

In addition to our work with Elephant Parade, Mabel and Alfie (our two adorable dachshunds) have adopted an Asian elephant. Numbers of Asian elephants have dropped by around half in the last 60-75 years and this is our gesture to say we’re not only dedicated to dachshunds, but to animals around the world.

Our elephant print gifts now available include; beautifully coloured tea towels, a spotty elephant PVC apron, cute roll-up bags and a large grocery shopping bag. 10% of all sales from Ulster Weaver products will be donated to Elephant Parade.

Why not check out Magical Mabel’s inspiration for our venture into saving the elephants by reading our blog post. If you’d like to find out more, email

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