Wendy Clark Books

Wendy Clark is a children's author, her series of children's books are endearing and each book is beautifully illustrated and contains a moral at the end of each story. Her latest book, entitled "Magical Mabel's Adventure In Hampton Court Palace" relays the exciting happenings of two lovable sausage dogs, Mabel and best friend Alfie. Check out "Meet Mabel" and you will see that they are real life characters.

The Gary's Guardian Angel Series follow the main character, a Guardian Angel named Clarence. Entertaining and beautifully illustrated, these books are suitable for children aged 4-10 years. They have also been used to help children after suffering a bereavement. Visit 'Mabel's Bookstore' & 'Guardian Angel Bookstore'  to view the series of Wendy's books, and to buy online.

As dachshunds are so wonderful, we have decided (with the help from Mabel & Alfie ,of course are own dachshunds) to branch out and source the most gorgeous, cute and exciting dachshund goodies alongside our books.  From home decor with our beautiful cushion covers to wall stickers of our favourite breed to fun walking dachshund balloons. We hope you find that extra special gift for someone special or if your like us, you have to have it too!!   Visit "Dachshund Goodies" to view these gifts, and to buy online

Wendy Clark also works as a spiritual medium and healer. In her autobiography 'The Moulding of a Life' which was her first book, she explains how her journey through life altered drastically after the death of her first child. Her story on her spiritual experiences are truly fascinating, and have received excellent reviews by her readers. View the 'Moulding of a Life' page to read more about the book itself, and to purchase it online.