Guardian Angel Books

The belief in some form of guardian angel can be traced back through antiquity. The guardian angel’s role remains to guide us and protect us, and to steer us towards good thoughts and good deeds.

Guardian angel books will often feature an angel-type character, or a character merely intended to guide someone in the right direction. Sometimes such stories and short works of literature contain morals to help readers remember lessons and virtues which can then be carried through into everyday life and practiced.

A series of guardian angel books have been written by Wendy to help bring comfort and entertainment to children. Gary’s Guardian Angel series is written for children, and each book is its own story about an angel called Clarence. Every story incorporates a moral into its theme to help young readers appreciate their actions and the affect their actions might have on others. These guardian angel books are also suitable for any child who may be suffering from bereavement or an illness, as they entertain, amuse, and bring comfort to the young reader. With quirky characters, colourful illustrations, moralising themes and fun, these books are ideal for young children.