Meet Mabel


Hi Everyone

Welcome to my page.  Let me introduce myself, my name's Mabel and I am a miniature cream shaded dachshund.  I live with my owners Mummy & Mel (my second mummy) and my best friend  Alfie. He's a standard red shaded  dachshund.  

Would you like to meet him? Ok. Here is a wonderful photo of him. 





DogWhat do you think? Handsome isn't he?  

You can hear all about how we first met and all the fun we had together in our new fantastic and exciting book "The Adventures of Magical Mabel" written by our Mummy, Wendy! with a little help from Mel & Emma Jo, who has captured us perfectly.  

Please check out the bookstore for some exciting books that my Mummy has written.


We would also like you to meet our new best friend Stanley who's a miniature smooth chocolate and tan dachshund.  What do you think, he's quite adorable isn't he? Im sure he's going to fit right in to our busy lifestyle.





With Love & Licks

Mabel , Alfie  & Stanley        Dog






P.S.  If you are buying my book for a gift my Mummy (Wendy) will personalise it for you.  Just add your information in the "Add a note to your order" box at the cart.