Online Dachshund Gift Shop

Finding the perfect gift requires a whole lot of balancing. Your budget and the receiver’s preferences will mark the start of your search. However, the most important place to begin is at Dedicated 2 Dachshunds. Our online dachshund gift shop has an abundance of products from a wide range of designers and independent suppliers.

Our unique gift ideas at Dedicated 2 Dachshunds are ready to be ordered straight to your door. If you’ve become disillusioned with what you find in typical High Street stores, you’ll find our different and wide-ranging products right up your alley.

Here are three of our favourite new products on our online dachshund gift shop:

  • Happiness Sausage Dog Mug: From the Repeat Repeat range – which has the tagline ‘Happiness is having a dog… especially a dachshund’ – this is the perfect gift for the dachshund lover you know.
  • Sweet William Dachshund ID Tag: Add a little glamour to your dachshund with this beautiful little ID tag. Silver-plated brass makes this a great investment for your furry little friend.
  • Dachshund Clock: Made by The Labrador Company, this stunning dachshund-shaped clock will look great adorning your walls or as a gift for your loved one.

Get in contact with our team at Dedicated 2 Dachshunds to discover more about our new arrivals.