***** A Wonderful Book by Maria Birchwood

WOW ! A great little book. There are no boring bits, you want to continue reading to see what happens next. It flows together very well and like a good chocolate you want to savour every bite. Right now I'm reading the last chapter and I'm sorry that its coming to an end. The descriptions are excellent, I had empathy towards the author loved the funny parts. It has everything really; from stirring emotions, humour , story-telling to scary moments and courage as well. I would recommend this book.


***** Great book, will not be disappointed by N.Taylor

Purchased last weekend and finished by Monday, could not put it down. Thoroughly enjoyable book, very interesting  with beautiful pictures. Looking forward to the next book


***** Brilliant read by Ranni

Wow I was so surprised at this book I could not put it down. The mixed emotions felt whilst reading this was a roller coaster ride. Highly recommended !


***** Great read by Emily

I thoroughly enjoyed this book in fact, I couldn't put it down and ended up reading it in one sitting!  Very interesting. Well worth the read.


***** Brilliant by Sara

I laughed, I cried, i believed. This book truly was fantastic. Have passed it on to my mum to read.


*****The Moulding of a Life by Cherry b

I have to say that this book gave me backache, I sat down all day and read it from cover to cover. The next day my poor old back was creaking, but I have to say I couldn't put it down. A compelling read well worth the purchase.


***** A Remarkable story by Ian

A very interesting read. Covering such diversity, I consider the author has achieved a good end result with the account of her life. Showing that having to deal with tragedy, and making a new start with further education later in life she appears to have come through it all with remarkable strength and fortitude. The inclusion of the family photos as a centre book feature to this paperback help add to the authenticity of her story. Well done Wendy Clark.


***** Insightful read by Trixie

 It was very interesting to read about Wendy's younger years and what she went through, arriving at her present happy state.Losing a young daughter, having the wrong partner, financial woes, it sure seems like terribly hard life. She rises above it, educates herself in many different subjects and explores her spiritual side.She seems happy with her present life, enjoying her daughters and her grandchildren. Its a lesson for all of us, to persevere, move forward and learn from the past without letting it weigh us down. I'll be looking forward to the next book, hopefully it will be longer.


***** An inspiring read by R.I.Rich

I read this book in one sitting. Having met Wendy I wanted to hear more about her life and how in spite of adversities she remains a  warm, happy and positive person. I found her spiritual experiences fascinating and thought provoking. 


***** Excellent by Lee

A very interesting book. I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to reading the next one. Five stars from me.


*****This book so far has kept my attention by Lucy Brown

Ordered this book and could not wait to read it! Now I have started I cannot stop! I've met Wendy several  times and she is such a kind, down to earth lady. The book so far has kept my attention ( I'm not much of a reader it takes a good book to keep me occupied) and I can't wait to read the next chapter! Will be sad when it comes to an end, definitely recommended.


**** What a Life by Vida Kinloch

Its unusual to find someone who has done so much in her life. Anyone who reads this will surely find something in common with their own. I met the author and her husband on a cruise and decided to read her book. Funny thing was we both had a daughter who died.


**** "The Moulding of a Life" by Dancer

I found this book interesting. The author has had a very varied lifestyle. The detail of her experiences in Egypt are very explicit and one could feel the fascination of the markets and the pyramids, but also the scary experiences with the "taxi" drivers and being stranded etc. An interesting read.



Reviews on "Gary's Guardian Angel Spreads a Little Happiness"


***** Fabulous book by N.Taylor

Fabulous book with wonderful illustrations. My grandson loves the story and the personal message scribed by the author in the front of the book.!


***** Fantastic story and illustrations. Well worth buying !!!! by M.Talbot

 A fantastic story about a quirky angel called Clarence. The story was well received by my niece, she loved the illustrations, especially of Clarence polishing the rainbow. The story had a moral which is refreshing in this day and age. Would highly recommend this book to all parents and teachers.


***** Good Lesson for children by Trixie

Lovely little book for children of all ages! We learn that all is not what it seems, that patience and kindness will reveal who people really are.


 ***** Beautifully illustrated. I have previously read "Gary's Guardian Angel Spreads a Little Happiness" by M. Talbot

A lovely story based on a young boy and how his Guardian Angel saves him and then earns his wings. I have previously read "Gary's Guardian Angel Spreads a Little Happiness" and each story has a moral, which both children and adults will relate to. The book has also been purchased by my niece's local primary school and they have used it in their morning assemblies, where the children also love it.