Sausage Dog Gifts For You

We all have our own personal supermarket choice. We’ve got our favourite day of the week. We trust in some brands more than any other. What about unique and personal gifts that you need to buy? Where do you go for those? At Dedicated 2 Dachshunds we can provide you with the latest array of sausage dog gifts for you, your family and your friends.

We’ve recently got a new range of sausage dog gifts that could be ideal to gift for birthdays, anniversaries or random acts of kindness you want to do. From the Repeat Repeat range of sausage dog gifts, we’re certain you’ll find something interesting and fun to purchase. Here are three of our favourite sausage dog gifts for you in the Repeat Repeat line:

  • Silhouette Large Dachshund Fetch Mug: An adorable mug that will prompt a mixture of ‘aww’ and ‘ahh’ whenever you read it. A classic line emblazoned on a useful mug is the ideal gift.
  • Happiness Sausage Dog Mug: This mug is perfect for any dog lovers. ‘Happiness is having a dog’ sums up exactly how every dog owner feels.
  • Happiness Sausage Dog Egg Cup: The ideal housewarming gift, this cute egg cup is affordable, small and features the undoubtable style of the Repeat Repeat range.

You’ll also find brand-new Doxie watches that are exclusively stocked by our team at Dedicated 2 Dachshund. You can keep the time and look stylish with our range of sausage dog gifts. If you’re bored of buying normal candles for your loved ones, why not surprise them with the Fenella Smith’s lidded dachshund candle.

To find out more about our sausage dog gifts for you, get in contact with us today.