Spiritual Medium Book

A medium has the ability to communicate, make contact with and channel the spirits of someone who has died. A medium uses his or her abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person who has passed away by capturing the spirit energy that surrounds that person. Mediums are often called upon to deliver messages from someone who is deceased to someone who is still alive.

There are different forms that mediumship takes, including working as a mental medium or as a spiritual medium. If you’re interested in the work and life of a spiritual medium then you might enjoy the work of Wendy Clark, with her fascinating autobiography which encapsulates her life as a spiritualist medium and a trance medium. Entitled, The Moulding Of A Life, Wendy’s book offers a glimpse into the world of a spiritual medium and healer, and of someone who grappled with loss, grief and bereavement.

Interspersed with words from Spirit Guides, for anyone interested in gaining an insight into life and death or spiritualism and the supernatural, this spiritual medium book by Wendy Clark might just be the bedtime tonic you’ve been looking for.