Gary's Guardian Angel - Spreads a Little Happiness Book

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Wendy's colourful children's books incorporate a moral theme as well as being entertaining for children.

Art work drawn by Meg Hawkins, an established artist and writer bring the stories to life.

There are a series of seven books which introduce Clarence, a newly appointed guardian angel who cares for a little boy named Gary, through all the adventures that confront him on Earth.


Have you ever wondered why the rainbow is so bright and the clouds so white and fluffy?


Then meet Clarence and all the angels in Summerlands who clean them and protect and guide all the children on Earth



 "Once upon a time in  a nearby place called Summerlands, it was time for a spring clean. Little angels flew hastily in different directions. Some were busy washing the clouds to make them soft and fluffy again, others were pegging them out on the line to dry."



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