Magical Mabel's Adventure in Hampton Court Palace

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This is the third in a series of books about two lovable dachshunds who have all sorts of comical adventures. Each individual story incorporates lessons in everyday life. Mabel and Alfie are real dachshunds and are part of the author's family.

Magical Mabel to the rescue!

Step back in time and enjoy
Mabel and Alfie’s amazing new adventure in Hampton Court Palace, a royal palace with 500 years of history.
Who will Mabel have to help this time?



"All of a sudden the front door slammed shut and the wind caused the pages in the book to turn quickly.  Suddenly Mabel felt herself being lifted towards a picture of a huge palace. "Quick Alfie! Ooooh here we go again! Hold onto my tail." Mabel sneezed once, and she Alfie both disappeared into the picture."



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